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updated thu 20 jan 05


Jeff Longtin on wed 19 jan 05

The talk of Japanese boxes reminds me of an experience I had a few years ago.

A major retailer saw my teapots on the internet and called to find out how
soon I could deliver 500 teapots. I didn't recognize the store at first but
when they told me how many stores they had I quickly jumped into action. Before
they made the commitment, however, they wanted to see a teapot up close, in

So there I was dutifully wrapping my teapot with miles and miles of bubble
wrap, certain that I would show them, I KNOW HOW TO WRAP A POT!

I called a few days later, excitedly, to see if they received the pot. They
said yes, they had received the pot, but they wondered why I had packed it in
so much bubble wrap. I told them that I wanted to make sure it arrived
safely. They told me it took them 10 minutes just to unwrap it.

I asked if that was a problem. They said, "YES", that was a problem, and
that they expected that I would have sent it in its own box. I said "Sure, I can
send it in its own box, and you'll pay for the box?"

They said, "No, that's something our suppliers usually supply on their own."

Needless to say, I couldn't afford the boxes, so I didn't get the order.

Next time, though, I will be prepared!

take care gang

Jeff Longtin