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advancer shelves:

updated thu 20 jan 05


Mark Cortright on wed 19 jan 05

Bob saw your post about the shelves
I use them in two kilns I have about 45 of the 12x24 and a few samller
ones. I have used them in over a 300 firings. things to avoid are do dot
get them wet ever and if you do slow fire them the key word is SLOW.
the other main concern is thermal shock - No quik cooling- Ever. That
said I have had a few crack under uneven loads near the flue( an
quiker cooling area). The wash is needed on the tops only if your pots
are sticking like my porelain does. I wash the tops with homemade
wash of 1/3 alumina hydrate 1/3 silica 1/3 epk. mix a bit thicker than
glaze This wash is rolled on thin. it stays were you put it and comes of
or recoats when you need to. Kleen edges of shelves of wash sun dry
and bisque on very slowly. Posts do stick and I lost a corner of a
shelve last month due to a post fusing to shelve. I wash post tops and
bottoms in same wash and this works well. I fire these shelves in a 35
foot downdraft car kiln 45 times a year as well, as 45 bisque fires so
thats 90 fires. I also use them in a small 12 cub ft updraft. The bottom
cools quik so I put dry press english shevles down low. advancers
mid and top.. The last thing is when one brecks and one will either
from rough handling or shock they make great 2/3 or 1/2 shelves as
well. Hope this helps. Mark Cortright