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what a fantastic conference!

updated wed 19 jan 05


Sally McLeod on mon 17 jan 05

Mel, I would say that I got your bowl too, except I was very lucky to
receive a delightful, whimsical, well thrown bowl made by Kathy Gordon.
Actually, I am sure there a 100 potters that would have been delighted to
have received your bowl!

The mendocino conference was awesome. What a group of potters. Everyone
willing to share. The presenters did a terific job.......just imagine,
four workshops each day, each two hours long. The ceramic lab was open and
clay provided for attendees to try out new ideas or different throwing
techniques. There was a generousity of spirit!

There were folks that traveled quite a distance to come to this
conference. It was a delight to meet new people who share a love of
working with clay. My only disappointment was that I didn't get to meet
Joyce Lee. That will have to wait until NCECA.

The folks at "Sharon's" resturant did a great job feeding us.

Greg and the Potter's Council staff did a first rate job of organizing the
event. The idea of future conferences was greeted with great enthusiasum.

My thanks to the organizers, the presenters, the MAC staff, and the