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tiny teapots/ you too.

updated wed 19 jan 05


mel jacobson on tue 18 jan 05

anyone else interested in completing the
teapot assignment just follow the simple rules:

make several teapots the size of a large walnut.
they must have a handle and spout, and the cover must
fit. of course, they must pour well. one ounce or so.

take two pencils that have erasers built in.
round off the eraser on one, sharpen the lead end..
that is your throwing finger.
take a very sharp/small sewing needle and insert it in
the second pencil eraser, blunt end first.
that is your cutting tool.
the sharp lead end is your 45 trimming tool.
then, take a short piece of fine silk/or poly
sewing thread and attach the ends to a small handle/
washer etc.
that is your cut off wire.
unfold a paper clip and make a tiny caliper. measure the
gallery for the lid. then the lid. press the pencil lead into
the rim to make the gallery. the spout is thrown with the
pencil lead end.

proceed to practice.
slow down.
make new tools.
get gentle. slow the wheel.
slow yourself. realize it will be
frustrating so don't let it get to you.
enjoy the frustration, and beat it.

it is about focus, re/learn to throw, learn
to control the small amount of clay.
impress your friends.
then make the cup and saucer.
then the dinner plates.
make a set. use a paper clip as your caliper.
set them out at your next sale.
everyone will want one.
or a set.
sell them for the same price as your big stuff.
sit back and smile, be a smarty pants.

i noticed that the california school of art has dropped
the term/CRAFT.
no one would want to be associated with craft now days.
phew, that would be terrible.
that icky craft stuff is for dopey people. real artists are
idea people, never use craft. anyway, it is too hard,
you know, one has to practice. like a violinist. icky.

it is interesting to note that not one person at the
mendocino workshop was embarrassed by the term `craft`.
it seemed that most of us were very proud of our craftsman
ship. many of the women even said they were `fine craftsmen`.
phew. scarrry stuff. pc

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