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tiny teapots

updated wed 2 sep 09


Pat Southwood on tue 18 jan 05

Mel, send me your postal address off line and I will send you a =
perfectly formed Chinese teapot of approx the dimensions you describe. =
Bought in Norfolk England
I shall not mention it's retail price on line.
I would'nt wish to be responsible for the number of nervous breakdowns =

Obviously this is not the object of the exercise though.

I'm a bit bogged down with Thatchers and their enticing 50 yr old reed =
at the moment, but given a spare day-ish -
I will be right in there, i like pressure.
But do we really have to do the scrotum?
I am a lady you know...
(See B.B.C.3.

mel jacobson on tue 15 feb 05

i have added a picture of two tiny teapots from
connie page.
mel jacobson/minnetonka/minnesota/usa

Veena Raghavan on wed 16 feb 05

Hi Mel,

I love the tiny teapots!

Are you still accepting images for this mini gallery? If so, how do I go
about sending you one to include, if you would like to do so?

Thanks in advance.


Gary Beckwith on tue 1 sep 09


I plan on having a tea party in a few months, in honor of a special
event. I thought of making tiny teapots as favors; I guess around 2-1/2
to 3 inches. They could even be a little bigger. I'd have to make
about 50 teapots, based on guests being invited.

I have limited experience with throwing, but I think I'm up to the
challenge. I'm leaning toward one-piece pots (lid and body one piece),
rather than separate lids, only because I thought it might be easier and
faster. And I could tie a little card to the handle; this way I don't
have to worry about any lettering on the pots themselves.
I'm also thinking that throwing off the hump might be faster, but I
wonder with my skill level if I might be better off doing one at a

Anyone have experience throwing tiny pots like this? Any suggestions,
tips, video clips or whatever, would be very much appreciated. I plan
on using low fire clay and glazes.

Thanks much
Gary Beckwith
Auburn, CA
Where we just had a very bad fire; over 50 homes destroyed. One of the
few things I don't like about living here.