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mini teapot pix tip

updated tue 18 jan 05


Toni Smith on mon 17 jan 05

Hi to Laurie Kneppel and all you other lucky people who were in Mendocino. Here is my clever tip when you make that mini teapot that Mel assigned you. Did he tell you to make it 'no bigger than a walnut?' Well, when I got that assignment a few years ago after a great Mel workshop, here is what I did. I went straight to the local market where they sell walnuts by the pound. I stood there and picked about a half dozen of the BIGGEST walnuts I could find. It was great fun making tiny teapots which I had not done before. Then you take the picture next to the appropriately sized walnut, to get the desired effect. Shhhhh, don't tell Mel! Have fun. Toni in Ohio