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baltimore hotels

updated mon 17 jan 05


ilene richardson on sat 15 jan 05

Hi Everyone that is going to Baltimore,

I am an ex-Baltimore local who escaped to the beach thirty years ago. =
Let me help you somewhat.

The convention center is just a couple of blocks from the "Harborplace".
There is a bridge going from the HYATT REGENCY BALTIMORE (which would =
be my choice) to the inner harbor. In case you are wondering what in =
the world is the "inner harbor".its really called "Harborplace".. it is =
where there are two or three two-story buildings that are very popular =
with locals and visitors, its at the harbor, the Baltimore Harbor where =
the big old ships used to come in. There are a few major attractions =
right there... The Aquarium... which is like a five story aquarium and a =
must-see, there is the old US Constellation Ship from a couple of =
hundred years ago, and The Science Center which is a museum with lots of =
fun. In addition, there are lots of places to eat as the inner harbor =
(those 2 building I spoke of) one of the buildings is stores, and one is =
just food, an eatery filled with the Famous Phillips Seafood and more! =
There is a great place called Fuddruckers right at the inner harbor and =
a few other places you can see from the harbor itself and decide which =
way to walk.=20

If you go to the HYATT website and look up Baltimore you can click on =
the city map and you will see the hotel, the closest is either on Pratt =
street or the one on Light Street.

I'm really sounding like a tour guide now.

There are hotels at the airport, but unless they are lots, lots cheaper =
than the HYATT, I'd choose the HYATT or the Mariott on Pratt Street =
only. Its an awesome place, very grand, very incredible! =20

The HYATT Hotel bridge goes (east) from the hotel across about an eight =
lane street or more of busy, busy traffic, that will kill you that's why =
they built the bridge, that is the main thoroughfare from the city =
people trying to get OUT of the city, get on the expressway like =
Interstate 395 and go to the suburbs or in my case, out of the city and =
to the beach. About four blocks away to the west is the big, big new =
baseball stadium. Just a couple of blocks north and one block east of =
the HYATT is the Convention Center. The perfect hotel and the reason why =
they built it where it is.... on the old or next to the Old McCormick =
Spice Company property. (yes, the spices that you buy at the grocery =
store, right there in Baltimore). When I was a kid I loved walking by =
that place!.

Once you get over the HYATT bridge, you can walk to everything, and its =
safe, well pretty safe, stay out of dark parking garages and guard your =
purses. But otherwise just have fun. Dress warm, its cold here now and =
today is windy, makes me want to cover my neck and ears, a hat is a =
great idea! OK, I'm done being a mom. =20

If you choose to stay at the airport hotels, and the choices are good, =
there is a "metro" that goes to the convention center or just nearby it. =
The Metro is a subway that is partially on the ground like at the =
airport, and when it gets in the city it is both on and underground. It =
was built after I moved away in the 70's, so I've never been on it, but =
the reputation is excellent. I don't suggest driving in your car from =
the airport hotel to the convention center, parking is a bite and $$$ =
and I don't like the dark parking garages. So If you stay at the airport =
hotels, take the Metro/subway to downtown. get a map first and know =
where to get off!!!!!!!!

Yes, there are taxi's and busses, a taxi is a good choice if you don't =
know where you are going and just know you want to get there. The busses =
are good for people who know the city. They are crowded and I think are =
stinky. (Can you tell I've been at the beach too long?)

I'd stay at the HYATT or I"d choose the Mariott Renaisaissance Harbor =
Hotel on Pratt Street, its just a block or so from the convention center =
and some Ceramics center/museum/convention place.=20

.Link to see the detail/scoop on the hotels below..... =

That's my two cents worth.


ilene richardson on sun 16 jan 05

I take back what I said about which hotel I would choose.

Excuse me while I kick myself in the head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Hyatt Hotel costs $300 per night! (and that's the cheap room) The =
others go up to $700+ per night.