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updated fri 14 jan 05


Ivor and Olive Lewis on fri 14 jan 05

My recent conversation with Dan Pfeiffer raised a couple of issues.
First, we should take care not to jump to conclusions about what a =
corresponding chum intends.
Second, there are resources out there if you know what you are looking =
for and this information can be shared.
So, for those of you who wish to plot the rise and fall of temperature =
in your kiln via your Pyrometer or you Oxyprobe, you values of time and =
temperature can be recorded on graph paper.
There is an great little book by John S. Carver, "Graph Paper from your =
Copier". ISBN 0-89586-045-7. Published by HP Books , Los Angeles.
I like page 75, 1 Day (12 hours) by 1/4 hour and page 65, 1 Day (24 =
hours) by 1/2 hour divisions. Page 37 has millimetre by millimetre which =
is good for general use. To tantalise the mathematically minded there =
are Semilog and Log Log sheets with a variety of cycles.
You can scan these into your computer and print off or use a =
Have fun.
Best regards,
Ivor Lewis.
S. Australia.