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what happens to clay when it is refired/ivor

updated wed 12 jan 05


Alisa Clausen on tue 11 jan 05

Dear Ivor,
Thank you for your reply. After a few years and getting to know the =
list, it is exciting to await the expertise of the person I would say =
"knows the answer". When I asked about the life of clay being =
refired, it did occur to me that of course, that kiln furniture and kiln =
brick are refired omteem times and they too, become brittle after time. =
I, however, do not know exactly what stilts are made of, but would =
hazard a guess that they are, by a broader description, clay. Not my =
throwing clay, but related. Bricks also, are clay by the same broader =
description. Your answer clarified why this happens and that is =
interesting to know.=20

Thanks and regards
from Alisa in Denmark

We weathered the worst of the storms Saturday night. Nothing compared =
to current natural disasters in South Asia.
Unfortunately 4 lives were lost due to falling trees. Our woods is a =
bit thinner and we need some roof tiles, but not worse than
that. Sunday was a great day , because the water from the fjord was so =
far swept out that we could run far out into the sandy
bottom. We stopped to get a rare look at what is under all that water. =
Mussel beds, star fish, seaweeds, horn fish
babies, worms with a lot of tentacles and more. A real all you can eat =
gala for the Seagulls. We ran circles out and back and I felt really =
happy in the still blowing wind. =20
Reminded me of a book I used to read when I was little, the 5 Chinese =
Brothers. One could swallow the sea.=20
Actually, that book scared me but I always like it because it was one of =
the first booked I borrowed myself from the public library.