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surfing with helen bates - yorkshire, uk and minnesota, usa, taiwan,

updated wed 12 jan 05


Helen Bates on tue 11 jan 05

and more - January 11, 2005

Surfing with Helen Bates - Yorkshire, UK and Minnesota, USA, Taiwan,
and more - January 11, 2005

York Open Studios 2005 (York, Yorkshire, England, UK)
< > Ceramic artists participating In
the 2005 show: Rachel Antill, Ben Arnup, Catherine Boyne-Whitelegg,
Isobel K-J Denyer, Jill Ford, Peter Humpherson, Ruth King, Louise
Maccloud, Ilona Sulikova, Chris Utley. (The photo of Isabel K J
Denyer's bowls on plates is most effective.) Two members of the tour
have their own web sites: Jill Ford (Ellerton, East Riding, Yorkshire,
England, UK): >, where you can view or
purchase her elegant thrown porcelain items; and Ruth King (York,
Yorkshire, England, UK): < >, whose
salt-glazed work is both starkly formal and inventive.

Broadway Ceramics (Hackney, London, England, UK)
< >
A ceramics cooperative whose members with online pages include:
Caroline Bousfield Gregory, Karen Bunting, Cathy D'Arcy, Annabel
Faraday, Penny Fowler, Marilza Gouvea, Sophie MacCarthy, Keiko
Agalis Manessi, and Marcio Mattos. Generally sophisticated work, and

Nikolaus Voelz (Anoka, MN, MN, USA)
< >
Voelz, who paints attractive miniatures, is also a potter who makes
various warmly-glazed wheel-thrown pieces, trays and platters,
wall-tiles, bulbous vase sculptures and pinch formed dishes. I don't
know whether it was his server or the Internet itself, but the pages on
the site loaded just a little slowly. Hang in there though, and check
out his work. If you can, load the sub-directory pages in a separate
tab or a separate window, so you don't have to go back and forth to the
main page every time you view a piece.

Geoffrey K Nicastro Santa Cruz, CA
< >
I quite enjoyed some of Nicastro's sculptural pieces and art pottery.
His site offers the novel possibility of renting some of his work in
clay. (Of course, its for sale too... )

Bob and Sandy Kinzie (Kinzie Stoneware) (Actos, CA, USA)
< >
Bob makes mountain-inspired sculptures (also a Twin Towers sculpture in
the same series.) Many are starkly black and white, or earth-red and
white. Clicking on a thumbnail loads a large view, and clicking on
that image zooms it again. Clicking on the largest image returns it to
its medium size. Sandy makes sculptural but probably functional
teapots. Interesting forms and glazing.

The Annual Dorothy Wilson Perkins Ceramic History Lectures
(Schein-Joseph International Museum of Ceramic Art) (Alfred, NY, USA)
< >
The latest Perkins lecture to have been put online is the 2003 lecture
by by Louise Allison Cort "Crawling Through Mud: Avant-Garde Ceramics
in Postwar Japan."

Taipei County Yingge Ceramics Museum (Taipei, Taiwan)
Artists: Mihara Ken, Maeta Akihiro, Ishijima Akihiko, Misaki
Mitsukuni, Sakiyama Takayuki, Uchida Joichi, Takeuchi Shingo, Nagae
Shigekazu, Ohi Toshio, Kiyomizu Rokubey, Yagi Akira, Okumura Hiromi,
Ichino Masahiko, Shigematsu Ayumi, Kakuzaki Ryuichi, Miwa kazuhiko,
Kondo Takahiro, Tanimoto Yoh. Click on the thumbnails to go to a page
for each artist with a brief bio and artist statement (in English.)
The home page < > has links to an
English version of the site.


Helen Bates
Belleville, Ontario, Canada
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