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updated mon 10 jan 05


Janet Kaiser on sun 9 jan 05

Lee L. has probably hit the nail on the head. Organisations get
funding from many sources and the largest funding bodies inc.
government organs are often interested in increased promotion
amongst sub and minority groups. The rational behind this being
that large groups should be economically viable without support
or grant aid. Which in itself is commendable.

However, there is some "madness" in putting this into practice.
Some examples which immediately spring to mind... In an ageing
population, we find that funding is generally targeted at "the
young" right across the board. The ruling political party even
have put universal free pre-school education provision at the
heart of their manifesto. No mention of the many more millions
who have insufficient provision in their old age.

There is noting new in demographics being used to shape policies
right across the board. For example The National Park authority
in the Lake District have decided to stop the free guided
walks/tours because they have found that it is only serving
white, middle-class Britons i.e. those who have traditionally
enjoyed recreational walking in the countryside and could afford
the luxury of doing so. The rationale being that the activity of
hill walking should be promoted amongst ethnic minorities
instead. So teaching safe practice and accountable behaviour in
the mountains are deemed unimportant in this brave new
politically correct world? Everyone is left wondering about
encouraging the excluded and educating the underprivileged, when
it is seen as a disadvantage to the majority. It also appears a
very middle-class position to imagine that inner city families
would ever be in a position to take up hill walking (inc. travel,
accommodation costs and expensive kit) when they find paying
weekly bills a difficult task. Socially

When seeking funding for the Arts here in Wales, the emphasis is
upon (1) the Welsh Language and (2) "originality". The first
Welsh presentation at the Venice Bienniale was totally in Welsh
guaranteeing nobody in the target audience would understand
anything at all! It was one of the best examples of Art World
Madness in recent years and an example of the way art is used for
political manipulation.

As for "Rants must be signed with a real name"

I am not too sure which post Mel was referring to, but you bet!!
What is the point of ranting without the rest of the world
knowing who you are and where you are coming from? It certainly
takes courage to question the status quo and all sorts of other
aspects of daily life, but without giving a name, it is like an
anonymous letter destined for the waste paper basket without
further thought or giving the least credence to the contents. If
it is worth writing, PUT YOUR MONEY WHERE YOUR MOUTH IS and sign!


Janet -the mouth - Kaiser

>This data is sometimes used to prove that an organization
>serves a diverse community. Because NCECA is primarily an
>organization, it has probably inhereted this type of
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