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firing/rick's way

updated mon 10 jan 05


mel jacobson on sun 9 jan 05

wonderful post. makes me want to sing.

firing is about getting great pots.
pots that have value.

it is false economy in my mind to do anything
that would jeopardize that quality.

so save gas/just to save gas/to save electricity
just to save it is foolish. firing should be prudent,
non wasteful, but to turn off a kiln or turn down the gas
without knowing foolish.

when rick can open a kiln to glorious pots, that hit the mark
every time...fuel becomes well used.

the most wasteful use of fuel would be a bad firing....with
pots that are thrown out.

it is the stuck kiln for ten years, firing poorly that makes
me sick.

i just saw one. at least a 15,000 buck kiln. fires to cone 5 only.
stack was too big, flu was 120 inches.
they could be arrested for firing the atmosphere.
but, alas, no said. `mel, how do i fix it?` they just
go on their arrogant way. i assume it will be torn down
and scrapped before long. not to worry, tax payers money.
another teacher that knows everything. but, nothing.

it is a joy to know that people like rick are out there.
doing their job, working hard...making progress.
good craftsman, and not ashamed of it.

Minnetonka, Minnesota, U.S.A.
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