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was re: studio shelves, now: rollin' rollin' rollin'!

updated sun 9 jan 05


wjskw@BELLSOUTH.NET on sat 8 jan 05

Candace, have you brought back an amusing memory!
In my first throwing class, (back when dirt was still being made :>)
we were all instructed in how to center. The instructor showed us a
few different times, and told us to each go to a wheel and try it.
Dutifully, we all sat down witho ur one pound balls of wedged clay,
and proceeded to "try" to center...varying degrees of success, but
at last! We were at the wheel!

One poor girl just couldn't get it. Tried, grunted, swore. Said
that the clay didn't like her...made all the "poor workman" excuses.

The instructor came over finally, told her to try again, stood there
watching her for a few minutes, and walked away trying very hard not
to laugh.

Every time she pushed into the clay, her chair, on wheels, would
shove away from the wheel. And of course, she had her feet firmly
planted on the legs of the rollers, and not on the floor.

Not fun for her, but truly funny to watch. Over and over and over...
She finally figured it out, but it took most of the class time.

Best Regards,
Wayne Seidl

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I can't stress enough the practicality of putting every thing in
studio on wheels ( not to mention the sheer pleasure of rolling
around ( I live in a small town - not much to do).