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pull my handle and bend my knob

updated sat 8 jan 05


David Hendley on fri 7 jan 05

Coning up and down (wheel kneading) and pulling handles
are downright tame in causing sexually-related smirks and
giggles compared to throwing wall hooks on the potters

In case you can't picture it, to make a wall, or coat, hook,
you would open a small ball of clay, make a low, wide base
and a tall, skinny spire coming up in the center, closed off,
with a knob or thickening on the end.
The tall projection is then bent over to a pleasing angle
when soft leather hard, to make a hook when installed on
a wall.

I decided to make a line of this style of hook in the '80s, when
my studio was in a cooperative warehouse with several
other potters.
The reactions were so intense, distracting, and embarrassing
that I finally quit making them.

I still think it is a good design, and I still make some for my
own personal use, but there's no question - if you get the
proportions just so, make the knob on the end an unfortunate
shape, and bend it over just right I guarantee you will
start laughing out loud.

David Hendley
Working hard to make sure there is no mug left behind