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thanks for handle info

updated fri 7 jan 05


Toni Smith on thu 6 jan 05

Thanks to all of you Claybuddies who answered my query about pulling handles and trying to not have a sore hand and arm in the process. Tony C. is right as usual. I think I thought I was bigger and stronger and was working with a chunk of clay that was too big for me to start with. If I was making 12 mug handles, I was trying to get them all out of one starting wad of clay. Maybe that was too heavy, but I didn't think it through. Next I will try David, and John Dellows and others' hint about pulling the handles on the piece. Makes sense and I like that it is then more organic to the piece. Several of you mentioned propping my elbow on something too.....duh. Such common sense and I didn't figure it out. Sometimes a technique that I have learned in a class sticks in my head as if its gospel, and that is the only way to do it. It has something to do with being taught by nuns when I was younger. But don't worry. I am well on my way of being cured of that problem too! Toni Smith in Ohio
, happy to be back in the studio.