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studio elementary: sieve and dark glaze

updated thu 6 jan 05


May Luk on wed 5 jan 05

Hi all;

Do you use seperate sieve for dark glaze and light glaze? I don't use much
dark glaze. Last I made some tenmoku glaze and the sieve get all stained
with iron oxide. Once I had cobalt oxide stained sieve. I only have one
sieve for glaze and one sieve for slip [but I interchange all the time, as
they are similar materials]. Common sense led me to soak the sieve in bleach
before I use it with light colour glaze. Would like to know what others do
with their sieve arrangements.

Lodnon, UK

Cindy on wed 5 jan 05

Dear May,

The sieve is only stained. I clean my sieve with soapy water and use it for
everything. I've never had a problem.

Best wishes,
Cindy in SD