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two re/posts/kilns/quick books/forward

updated sun 2 jan 05


mel jacobson on sat 1 jan 05

Here are the two messages sent 12/28/04 for the clayart listserv:
Just finishing up the rebuild on a 1958 V-Cella elec kiln -- very small test
kiln of about 9 x 5 x 5". It had been used as an assay kiln in mine here in
the Mojave so the old bricks were highly toxic and very damaged. V-Cella
sent a rebuild kit and walked me through the process.

Currently the wiring is about to be connected and then the body will be
buttoned up. What I'd like to know is there anything I should check for
before the buttoning? Then when its ready is there any checks that can be
made to get a feel for its safety. Yes, I'll fire outside -- lots of empty
with a large concrete helo pad. The kiln will be placed at the center of the
pad so even exploding is not a real danger once I can get out of the way and
I don't care about loosing a bunch of test tiles. BUT, it'd be great if
there were some pre check. Any thoughts, advice, admonitions, etc. All are
much appreciated.

Kathryn Fields
Experimental Helo magazine
Inyokern, CA -- this morning, the very, very wet Mojave desert.

A comment about the difference between Quick Books and Quicken -- according
to my favorite tax and accounting woman: If you are dealing only in cash
business, i.e. you sell it and receive $$ or you buy it and pay either by
credit card or $$, then you DO NOT need an actual system such as Quick Books
or the pro version. Quicken works fine. If you will have accounts payable
or receivable, the possibly Quick Books is necessary. Also, the difference
between Quick Books and Quick Books Pro is whether you track your inventory
and/or have payroll concerns.

We have one umbrella business, with two subsections (at least 2), plus have
sold property and carried the paper as well as tracking rentals -- all with
Quicken over many years. I too enter each and every credit card or other
receipt slip -- you can down load most Visa and MC activities directly into
Quicken (according to the book-- I'm about to start this process so have no
history on success or failure of this method). The point is that Quicken is
easier and more straightforward than Quick Books (QB uses the double entry
system which is a great deal more elaborate than I care for). So if you can
avoid the complication, it would be worth a try.

Kathryn Fields
Experimental Helo magazine
Inyokern, CA 93527

Minnetonka, Minnesota, U.S.A.
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