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firing her up-day after

updated sun 2 jan 05


Elaine Birk on sat 1 jan 05

Well, my first experience was more complicated than expected. Like they say
"easy in theory, more difficult in practice." I had read extensively,
thought it all through and thought I understood how I would proceed to
follow the schedule I figured would work, not so easy-

First off, new Oxyprobe didn't work, jumped constantly from .02 up to 6.8.
Could it be my kiln was just in such constant variable atmosphere?

so I was then going through the books again to figure out how to do
reduction (I have never done this before) without depending on probe to
tell me when it was in reduction.

I think the kiln fired too fast, could not seem to slow it down enough, cone
10 in 6 hours. Let it cool naturally after 10 bent.

Then trying to figure out if a one inch flame out the bottom peep hole
should be consistently one inch or does it vary moment to moment? Couldn't
get a consistent flame.

Then the atmosphere in the kiln was so cloudy I could only see the top peep
hole cones and nothing of the bottom peephole cones.

Outcome: Top cone 10 touching, bottom 9 touching, back middle 10 flat.

Malcolm's shino not too pretty, mostly a white, grayish, crackly appearance,
did get some orange color where I used wax resist, best color in interior of
teapots, I think it was too thick although I did follow directions and use a

Reitz Green beautiful! Exactly as pictured.
Winnie Blue, very matt
green celadon, nice but not green, more beige.
Any and all suggestions welcome. As I explained this is my first firing in
my new Geil fiber kiln and I have no experience at firing in reduction.
Been doing electric 8 years.

Happy New Year and a toast to all
Elaine Birk