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updated sat 1 jan 05


mel jacobson on fri 31 dec 04

a bit of a hodge podge here.

an old ken ferguson thought popped into my head.
(god that post made me sad.)
years ago, he was doing a back yard sale...(he said
he made a hell of a lot more money when he did
back yard sales..then selling one of a kind/art.) that is:
after paying a 60 percent commission and taxes.
(and, the gallery owned him.)

he always told me.
`take your average...know how much you make,
average, every time you sit down to throw.`

i like to think that every time i throw a pot
i get 30 bucks. i throw about 25 pots an hour.
this helps take out the `burn out`.
throw pots.
30 bucks
30 bucks
30 bucks
i never mentally make lists of the steps...i love the steps.
clay, throwing, firing, glazing, selling. and, i set the price,
make it fair, make sure i get my average, and keep a very
professional quality with my customers. they come to me.
and then, i like folks to buy three things, not one.
price right/and they buy multiples. `are you sure you don't
want a couple extra for house warming gifts/weddings?`
(remember, a wedding gift should cost 65 bucks. so,
keep that price range pot on your shelf...teapots, platters
and nice sized bowls make great wedding gifts.)
(and, the well made/printed gift card with your name
and address is more important than your stamp. it has
name, address, zip, phone, email address on it. for sure.)

don't get plaster down your will learn new
swear words.

no reason to gfi an entire room/studio, and never do a kiln
with gfi. (god, what would a 60 amp gfi cost?)
it would be far too touchy. snap off in the middle of
a firing. that is why i like to take a kiln a bit over
when picking a breaker. don't want that puppy tripping
during a firing. a good 60 amp breaker is far good enough.
no reason to over do. gfi is meant for sinks/high danger areas.
normal breakers are great tools.
and, why do people make webpages and not include
their name, address, zip and phone.
???????it is like hunting for `red october` to contact
folks. companies numbers are really hard to find...where's a gd 800 number?
it seems the are afraid of being contacted. why spend the
money on a website? promo what?
like the radio ad>>> call bob at 53@55*)@3...whatdesay?

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