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no caotact info (was: re: sinks/gfi/selling/pricing)

updated sat 1 jan 05


Scott Paulding on fri 31 dec 04

To most businesses, it is concidered a cost to have someone there, manning
the phones. Since they want to reduce costs as much as possible, they have
as few as possible manning the phones. Theat means they somehow need to
regulate phone calls. they do this by either hiding their contact info, or
by removing it completely.

It's an interestign new corporate society we live in....

My line of thought is this: Customer service is the best possible
marketing tool you could have, because if you keep your customers happy,
they'll come back...and guess what? They'll bring their friends. Instead,
major corporations only seem interested in attracting new customers
getting their $$$ and then ditching them. They don't expect loyalty from
anyone anymore. Not from customers, employees or their wholesalers.

What kind of a world is it if loyalty doesn't mean a damn thing anymore?


--- mel jacobson wrote:
> and, why do people make webpages and not include
> their name, address, zip and phone.
> ???????it is like hunting for `red october` to contact
> folks. companies numbers are really hard to find...where's a gd 800
> number?
> it seems the are afraid of being contacted. why spend the
> money on a website? promo what?
> like the radio ad>>> call bob at 53@55*)@3...whatdesay?

"If only we'd stop trying to be happy we could have a pretty good time."
- Edith Wharton

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