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pricing - again!...tile pricing

updated sat 1 jan 05


Susan Fox-Hirschmann on thu 30 dec 04

I do small mosaic custom tiles, many carved, some under 2", others 4" square
with lots of carving, slip trailing, painting, etc...
and charge $325 a square foot. You may think this is incredible, but when I
start counting hours....well it is a reasonable fee for a lot of time! And I
have no problem getting that for my tile work.
If they want custom work, they need to pay custom prices. It is all about
what is your time worth?
Susan Fox Hirschmann
Art Pottery
Annandale, VA

Jo Smith on thu 30 dec 04

I don't think $20 is outragious for a hand made tile, I get $18 for mine
and I don't even make the tile. you can probably look on the web and see
what other people are charging to give you a ball park figure.
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