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back burning issues

updated thu 30 dec 04


William Schran on wed 29 dec 04

>What with the holidays, trips to visit family, have only now gotten back
>to the back burning issue with the Olympic updraft.

Ordered 3 MR 750 burners and target pilot from Ward Burner.

Had to do some minor adjustments in the stand assembly - cutting off the
ignition tube which was the original problem with the back burning anyway.
The new burners were same length as old ones, but a bit wider in diameter
at their end and the ignition tube was in the way.

Installed new burners and attached target pilot to first burner.Checked for
leaks, lit the pilot then lit the burners - nice blue flame, the way the
original burners should have been. Need to adjust position of target pilot,
but think it will all perform just fine.

Now comes the task of learning how this little puppy fires....

Bill, in Fredericksburg, VA where we got up in the high 50's today and
expect 60 tomorrow.