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willi singleton workshop

updated wed 15 dec 04


Nick Mohler, Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen on tue 14 dec 04

A Day at the Studio of Willi Singleton
June 4, 10 am - 5 pm

This one day demonstration workshop will introduce participants to the many
aspects of Willi Singleton's woodfired stoneware, from the construction of
noborigama to the gathering of local materials, as well as the making and
firing processes involved. Participants will be responsible for getting
themselves to Kempton, where Singleton's kiln and studio are located at the
foot of Hawk Mountain (about 1.5 hours from Philadelphia).

A tour of the pottery and explanation of materials employed will be followed
by multimedia presentations. Following a brown bag lunch, Singleton will
demonstrate throwing and trimming on his kickwheels.

Willli Singleton has been making utilitarian woodfired stoneware in Kempton,
PA since 1988. All his work is fired in a four-chamber noborigama and made
primarily with materials from the region. Singleton studied in Tamba and
Mashiko, Japan between 1981 and 1987. He continues to exhibit biannually in

Class fee is $135/student. To learn more, call the Pennsylvania Guild of
Craftsmen at 215-579-5997 or visit

Nick Mohler
Program Coordinator
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