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templates versus your own business image

updated thu 23 dec 04


Janet Kaiser on wed 22 dec 04

Just one or two words of advice about using those ready-made
"templates", which come with software. Use them to find out how
the programme/s work/s and give you a certain amount of
"inspiration" by all means, but do not use them as your own
"corporate image". They are instantly recognisable, which is OK
if you are a dog walking business or something with absolutely
nothing to do with the Arts. But as someone involved in the
visual arts, it is a complete let-down and undermines your claim
to being a competent artist in your own right.

If you do not believe me, ask yourself a simple question: Why
would even the poorest artist/craftsman chose a ready-made
set-up? Answer: Obviously because they do not have the least
ability to develop one of their own. No, it is not a valid excuse
to say lack of technical know-how has deprived you of options.
That may have been true a few years ago, but not any more.

You need a complete package which people can associate with YOU
and YOUR WORK not something Adobe, Macromedia, Microsoft or
anyone else cares to offer for your use. For the same reason,
keep clear of those pre-printed colour pamphlets, visiting cards,
envelopes and letter heads. I do not know about other countries,
but they are an extremely expensive option here in the UK (up to
10 times more expensive than printing your own) and again, they
are instantly recognisable.


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