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teapot strainers and pantomine dames in willow pattern costume

updated thu 16 dec 04


Janet Kaiser on thu 16 dec 04

Let me see... Around six years of smooching around Claytown
(Clayville is the fancy French Canadian version) has taught me
never to use absolutes, otherwise there will be screams of
righteous indignation loud enough to wake the dead world-wide...
But having said that, only teapots with holed walls at the spout
aka strainers (with or without scrotum, John! :o) are "real
teapots". They certainly do help to blend the tea and contrary to
what has been said to date, all the more so when using tea bags!

Oh yes it is!
Oh no it isn't!
Oh yes it is...

Whether you believe me or not, very few UK potters would dare to
produce teapots without "integral strainers". Not least because
they would soon tire of explaining why there was not one... Try
telling any tea drinker that they are not necessary! HoHo! That
would "larn" any upstart coffee drinker to watch their Ps and

Those who say a tea bag does not need a strainer are talking of
the Continental style bags on a string. Our pyramid, round or
square stringless bags (depending upon brand) of ordinary
blended, everyday tea need holding back from the spout. Otherwise
they would just stop the flow of tea out of the spout though
clogging up the available space.

Believe it or believe it not, but one of our most famous actors,
Sir Ian McClellan(sp?) is playing Widow Twanky, a pantomime dame
this season. The costume he was shown wearing on the front page
of the Independent magazine is truly magnificent! It showed him
in a Blue and White Willow Pattern dress a la Grayson Perry, with
a Willow Pattern tray as a hat, cups on ears as earrings... You
get the picture. WONDERFUL!!! As camp as a row of tents. Love it!

Of course most British men dress up as school girls when given
the least opportunity to cross dress. Oranges are the usual fruit
of preference as boob substitutes for some reason. Usually along
with stockings and suspenders rather than tights/panty hose...
But enough of that. Mel might get silly ideas...


Janet Kaiser -- Tsongan (Mozambique) saying of the day:
"Rest cannot shorten the way. Going ahead does".

*** IN REPLY TO THE FOLLOWING MAIL John K. Dellow wrote:
>There is another reason, which is to blend the steeped tea as it
>poured. This requires a lot of small holes to work correctly and
a tea pot
>spout with a scrotum :).

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