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tea strainers and macho dawg

updated mon 20 dec 04


clennell on sat 18 dec 04

One of the cleverest teapot spouts and strainers i have seen was on a Wally
Keeler teapot. Wally threw a small bottle then trimmed the bottom of the
bottle round(domed), pocked the holes in the bottom of the bottle, then cut
a hole in the teapot that the bottle would fit into. Voila! he had a domed
tea strainer that would not clog up with tea leaves.
Thanks David for the review. Your 20 lb bowls will be whoppers with the
addition of a 12-15 lb rim. They would also be just about the right size for
a Texan sugar bowl.
I sat back and watched the video and noticed this bit of clay that i didn't
rib for what seemed like hours. You're absolutely right about how fussing
over perfection is not pots need to be about. When I was in Japan I felt
like I was the tightest thrower on the planet. Here I'm considered loose.
36 place settings that won't be under the tree this Christmas. That's what
I'm doing today- getting started on them. Then moving on to 30 cassoles for
the Malivoire Winery "Cassoulet, Eh!" event (rich mans beans and weenies).
To be held this year in Toronto and the British Embassy in Ottawa (our
nation's capital).
Pots for my wood kiln and me- let's see how the Visa bill looks!

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Sour Cherry Pottery
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