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sprinkled ash

updated thu 23 dec 04


Lili Krakowski on wed 22 dec 04

That is why I said "pure wood ash" because if the wood ash is from a =
mixed fire, all sort of bad things may have gotten mixed in and give off =
dangerous fumes. Also never use ash from treated or painted wood, nor =
wood that has absorbed "stuff". I for one would not use wood from a =
shed where chemicals were stored, wood from a place that has been =
sprayed with bug spray for years, wood from a floor that has absorbed =
car oil and like that....

I have sprinkled ash and borax and such many times with not harm to well =
vented kiln or me. you also can do the same with a bit of your =
glaze--but colored....Experiment. it is fun.=20

Lili Krakowski

Be of good courage