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salt, what kind??????????

updated mon 20 dec 04


kterpstra on sun 19 dec 04

Hi Mel,
Of course the water softener "salt" is goofy.
It's a calcium chloride not sodium chloride...
also, there are many kinds of "rock"--read the
ingredients and usually the canning salt is purest.

My allergist told me to spray canning salt diluted in water up my nose
if I'm having sinus problems, so I figure it's the safest to use on
campus in the salt kiln. The work looks great and cures my sinus
problems at the same time.

Karen Terpstra
La Crosse, WI

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From: mel jacobson [mailto:melpots@PCLINK.COM]

we have found at the farm that
`rock` is best.
morton's `table` is good.
and those rather cheap, table salts without iodine
that cost about 20 cents a box is good.

we just stay away from water softener salt.
it just seems to be goofy. no scientific evidence,
we just don't like it....