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restand tools pix

updated fri 24 dec 04


Michael Wendt on thu 23 dec 04

Jo and others wanted to see the restand tool.

Here is a picture of the restand tool and a description.
Thanks for the interest.
It is important to realize that this method does not require a an
experienced thrower. I have had most people make plates the first time since
you don't need to be able to center perfectly to make this method work.
Also, if you like the wavy edge look, leaving the edge uneven before
restanding will keep that wavy edge.
Michael Wendt
Wendt Pottery
2729 Clearwater Ave
Lewiston, Idaho 83501
Jo and others asked:
Neat! after we got it to work on our slooooow 24kbps land line, do you have
a picture of the tool that you use to lift the rim?

19 degrees F and snow. Cold white Christmas in AR. Have a safe and fun