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receiving a copyright and certificate of registration

updated mon 13 dec 04


kathy_chamberlin on sun 12 dec 04

I applied to the United States copyright office and Library of
Congress for a certificate of registration for a copyright, for
artwork on clay and ceramics. I guess I wanted to directly experience
the long and arduous process to try and register two different pieces
of clay artwork. They have very specific guidelines and submission
rules. One of the submitted and applied for clay artwork was
unequivocally declined. The other one I received a letter stating that
I needed to redefine and describe what I wanted to register for a
copyright. They stated that in passing the current copyright law
congress states that it did not intend to protect the designs of
useful articles. So I was registering the visual art on specific
ceramics. They stated that they could register a claim in a pictorial
ornamentation if the authorship is original from me.

Anyway, I have this certificate of registration from the Library of
Congress and the United States Copyright office. It is fairly useless
but I now know about the process and respect it a lot more with this
direct experience and insight. thank you, Kathy Chamberlin