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pottery book list

updated sun 19 dec 04


Lili Krakowski on thu 16 dec 04

Not disagreeing with anyone here. My list would be;

Counts, Pottery Workshop, which, Steve's catalog tells me is availabe =
again. Among other things are great plan for kick wheel. (at least =
there was in first edition.)

Birks, The Complete Potter's Companion, revised edition.

Casson, The Craft of the Potter

Constant and Ogden , The Potter's Palette

Fraser , Glazes for the Craft Potter
Fraser, Ceramic Fauls and their Remedies

Hesselberth and Roy Glaze Master book and CD*

Bailey, Glazes, Cone 6*

* The GlazeMaster Program which I own, is most helpful, but it does not =
replace a BOOK on c.6 glazes. I would add the Bailey which is quite =
different from Mastering the Art of C.6 glazes, but if you get the CD =
the covering booklet is excellent, and while it does not replace =
Mastering, it will hold you a while, while you get a second opinion from =
Bailey. That is if you work at c.6.

If you can afford it, also buy a book or two about potters you admire. =
Inspiration. Philosophy...

Lili Krakowski

Be of good courage

S. Morris on fri 17 dec 04

not a bad list of books but I'd also add the Val
Cushing handbook... the best book I own and I don't
know what I'd do with out it.

-Steph M.

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