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potter's guide to mexico city airport (long)

updated mon 13 dec 04


Barbara Brown on sun 12 dec 04

There have been 2 trips to Mexico mentioned this last week on clayart. O=
ne a pottery tour to the Yucatan and the other a visit to Oaxaca.
Charley and I just got back from our yearly trip to Akamul in the Yucatan=
. On the way down we had a stopover at the Mexico City airport (which I =
try to arrange every year)
I have 2 favorite shops in the airport I'd like to share with you.
The airport is layed out in a long thin rectangle, one end is the interna=
tional and the other end is domestic. The shops are along the right hand =
side as you walk from the international to domestic.
The first shop is a book store "LIBRES Y ARTES' It is across from the Av=
iasa Airlines
check in counter. It has books, cards, music and magazines. My favorite=
magazine is Arqueologia Mexicana (, it is a wonderful =
magazine featuring art and crafts of Mexico. This year they have a speci=
al editon which I bought "El Esplendor del Barro, ayer y hoy"
"The Splendor of Clay, yesterday and today"
It is in Spanish with English in the back of magazine. It has many photo=
s of pottery from all over Mexico and a map showing ancient pottery sites=
and another map showing contempory pottery sites. It cost 60 pesos ($5.=
The shop also has a pottery section with books that have been translated =
into Spanish. I saw 2 Susan Peterson's books and Mick Casson book.
One of my favorite books I got there several years ago is "Singing Earth-=
Mexican Ceramics" It is what I call a spirit book. Pictures of Mexican=
pottery on one page and across from it a quote. ie: a picture of a mexi=
can olla with 4 spouts and the quote is "clay's form is its soul, how it =
says what it contains, its body is the material that makes the soul visia=
My second shop is a branch of the Museum of Anthropology of Mexico City. =
They have wonderful pottery postcards (5 pesos 48cents) I got 6. They =
also sell books, music cd's and great clay repelicas of the ancient potte=
ry that is in the museum. This shop is near the end of the domestic term=
inal (3 shops from end) There are many other shops on your journey from =
international to domestic area that carry art and folk crafts from all ov=
er Mexico.
When you exchange dollars for pesos you get a better rate in the domestic=
area than the international area.
There are 2 hotels in the airport, Hilton (international area) and Caminp=
Real (domestic area) The Camino Real is the cheapest.

Barbara Brown
1225 Manzano Way
Sunnyvale, Ca 94089