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poster of 100 yixing teapot pre-pringting offer

updated sat 18 dec 04


Guangzhen Zhou on fri 17 dec 04

Dear Friends,

We are going to printing the full color poster of "100 Contemporary Teapots
of Yixing China" next month.

The size of the poster is 21x 38, Regular Price $12.00 each, including S&H

The special pre-pringting offer is:
Free poster: Limited one copy for each customer.
S&H fee: $7.00. Additional copy, $6.00 each.
Whole sale price: $4.00 each (20 copies or more, plus S&H).
Offer Expired January 31st, 2005,

The poster will be arrived before March 10, 2005.

For further information, please contact us.

Happy holidays!

Guangzhen "Po" Zhou
The Chinese Clay Art, USA
PO Box 1733
Cupertino, CA 95015
Tel. 408-343-3919, 408-777-8319, Fax. 408-777-8321,
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