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plate video

updated fri 17 dec 04


Michael Wendt on wed 15 dec 04

Thanks for the feedback. I welcome any comments, good or bad since the
purpose of the video is to assist potters in earning a living and to that
end, needs to be as helpful and clear as possible.
Charles Moore has made some very helpful comments as well and I think I will
take your advice and his.
I will rearrange the order of presentation so that I show the key elements
of the ROD-RESTAND method, then show the wedging system, add the trimming
refinements footage, show additional uses for taller piece throwing and then
place the workshop attendees' throwing at the end so that new users can
compare their degree of success with the other people who are trying the
technique for the first time.
If any of the others who got the video have comments, please email them
directly to me so I can integrate them into the video.
When I finish the update, I will mail the second edition to the people who
already got the first as a way of thanking them for helping me improve the
Michael Wendt
Wendt Pottery
2729 Clearwater Ave
Lewiston, Idaho 83501

Ingeborg Foco on wed 15 dec 04

SIDE NOTE: all of the plate videos currently on order have now been shipped
> and I hope the recipients will comment on the technique ( both positive
> negative comments are welcomed ). If it works for you, please let us know.
> If it doesn't, please let us know where it doesn't work.


I received the video yesterday. Thanks you. I am looking forward to
getting set up to make plates with your method. From what I can tell, it
looks like a simple, easy way to produce plates of similar sizes. With all
of the drawings you sent along, it should be relatively simple to get set

I only wish you had filmed the trimming portion as I am sure you have some
good secrets to make that fault proof as well. Once I get set up, I'll let
you know how it works for me. Can't imagine that it will be anything but a

Thanks so much.

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