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nccea- homeless in baltimore - or,

updated mon 13 dec 04


pdp1@EARTHLINK.NET on sun 12 dec 04

ask...and ye sometimes anyway...shall recieve...

Hi Tony,

Just do what I did last year in Indianapolis...

Call the big fancy-schmancy 'nceeca' sponsored clip-joint
Hotel ahead of time, tell them you are NOT
seeking the schmuck-rate, or the identical if not higher
'nceca' rate, but rather,
you wish to have the 'good guy rate'...the "A" column rate,
or 'prefered customer' rate or
whatever they wanna call it so that your charming room ends
up around seventy-eight-bucks or so...

Remind or guide them as..."You know, you have the 'good-guy'
rate for
Senators, Fire Department Chiefs, g-men, ambassadors,
people that you think 'matter' in some way, and so on...well
sugar, I am whoever you want me to be for that rate, so you
put me down in that "A" column howeveryouwant..."

And they prolly will...or, they did me anyhow...

In Indy, where the 'nceca' rate at my Hotel was $165.00 or
185.00 a-night or
something, my (same or better) room in that same Hotel was
(thence,) $84.00, or 78.00 or

But then too, after a couple days of that, I said the
hell-with-it and went to a really charming, quiet, friendly
Motel, whose room was really just as nice, and it was like
$42.00 or 38.00 or something that was more or less like "40"
a-night and only some dozen blocks away.

And my room was on ground level with no ( zero) tedious,
trying, parking issues.

No, "Ooooooh Jeeeeze, now what the hell floor was I on here
anyway?" of vexations the next short-sleep morning for my
bleary brain to be confronting, as well
what-the-hell-kinda-car am I even looking for? - being a
new-to-me rental car and all...

... and that way too, no elevators and parking check-tickets
( at $12.00 a-night TO even park at my 'Hotel' ) and so on.
My Car was instead, right there outside my room's front
door...where it cost nothing to park...and was that way
also, a convenient reminder as to just what kinda car I had
in fact rented, too...

I think there is something like "Motel Finder" on the
internet...where, the site zeros in on a map of one's
destination City's specific area, and one may investigate
various Motels in that area...

Good luck...!


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From: "clennell"

> As always we're late booking for nccea. Sheila talked to
hotels tonight
> that had rooms for $199 US. this is a tad steep for a
couple of mud
> slingers. Anyone out there have info on hotels close to
the conference for
> lesser amounts of greenbacks.. Any info is appreciated.
> Thanks a bunch!
> tony
> Tony and Sheila Clennell