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kiln in garage.

updated sat 25 dec 04


Lili Krakowski on fri 24 dec 04

Dear Phil. I do not plan to mop the floor with gasoline. Not at these =

My everlasting preoccupation with safety is with potential accidents. =
No. It is not about mopping. It is about someone in a hurry , =
forgetting to put on glove, pulling out a red hot peephole plug , =
dropping it and there it rolls under a leaky car. It is about someone =
not aware the kiln is on leaning a broom against it, dropping on oily =
rag on top, and when the heat starts coming out between the rings.....

At this season, with Christmas trees, lights, candles PLUS rampaging =
kids, hysterical pets, slighlty inibriated visitors, the most =
unbelievable accidents happen. Alas they do. Burn centers will tell =

A woman was making breakfast for her family. Forgot the front burner =
had only just been turned off. Reached arm across it, housecoat sleeve =
caught fire....Big lawsuit against manufacturer of said kimono. Won. =
But it ain't worth the scars. A family was searching for chometz before =
Passover. Used the traditional candle. Curtains caught fire. One =
child died after a year in a coma at burn center.

I wish you all the safest and most glorious of holydays. Holydays are =
too rare, as are family reunions. All the very best. Off to snowblow. =

Lili Krakowski

Be of good courage