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heat diffuser plates/tagines & pickled lemons

updated sat 25 dec 04


Ivor and Olive Lewis on fri 24 dec 04

Dear Kate,
The Brazier which accompanies the Moroccan style tajine has three
spacers attached to its rim to lift the base of the cooking vessel
well above the charcoal.
They are great fun to make but without a doubt there are problems
which need to be solved. The Terra Cotta I used is thermally sensitive
to the localised heat source and the brazier section does fracture
even if the charcoal is on a bed of grit.
But this terra cotta clay works wonderfully well as a Brazing Pot
using the water saturation method of cooking. But it is always put
into a dead cold oven.
Lemon Pickle. Very easy to make
Slice or cut your lemons into wedges. Pack in coarse cooking salt for
a few days to draw out the water then rinse to remove any free salt.
Dry on paper towel and pack under olive oil in a dry jar. Store in the
fridge or a cool place.
Enjoy a Gourmet Weekend.
Best regards,
Ivor Lewis.
S. Australia.