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failsafe oven timer idea of mel's

updated fri 24 dec 04


William Sheppard on thu 23 dec 04

Mel sugested using a portable oven timer to alert us to the time a
kiln firing might be finished. I use an wind up oven timer that has been
handed down from my Grandmother to my Aunt to me. It has to be at least 26
years old. It is completely made of metal, no plastic. I have to wind it
up at least past the 15 minute mark or it wont run, do not really know
why. Yes I carry it in my pocket so I can hear the ding when it runs down
to "0". I only wish it would ding more than once like the alarm clock Mel

The more I read Clay Art the more I realize how really smart and
talented my Grandmother and Aunt were. They learned by the seat of their
pants, not having such a wonderful resourse as Clay Art.

All of our palm trees and tropical plants seem to have made it through
the "Big Chill" we had here in Florida this past week.

William A. Sheppard