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craft shows/workshops, any medium, florida, february?

updated thu 23 dec 04


primalmommy on tue 21 dec 04

Once again I am considering the prospect of two weeks at my parents'
place in Florida in mid-late february. I love them dearly but seven of
us in a very small place is a lot, and hubby and I sometimes find a way
to escape on some adventure halway throught. (My folks really only want
the grandkids anyway.)

Last year we went snorkeling at Pennekamp, but we would both love to do
any kind of weekend workshop -- clay or wood, of course, but also 2d
stuff, or anything we haven't tried before. We'd also love to go to any
kind of art show, gallery thing, etc... I am not sure I justify the
drive from the Englewood/Sarasota area to Axner just for the shopping
trip, since we'd have to bring any purchases home on the plane..

Elca? Floridians? Any ideas?


Kelly in Ohio, waiting for the steel roof panels to arrive for the
addition... we worked all afternoon sunday when it was 6 degrees F...
the nice part is if you are cold enough it doesn't hurt when you hammer
your thumb... until later, anyway..

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Ingeborg Foco on tue 21 dec 04


Every second Friday during season we have "Art Night" on Pine Island. All
of the galleries stay open until 9 p.m. We serve drinks and snacks and
offer many things for your viewing pleasure. Art Night is from 4 p.m. - 9
p.m. Of course we are open all day for normal business hours.

If I remember correctly, Sarasota is about an hours drive from Pine Island.
Fishing is great here and there are several restaurants situated on the
water that aren't horribly expensive.

the Potter's Workshop & Gallery
P.O. Box 510
3058 Stringfellow Road
St. James City, Florida 33956

: Craft shows/workshops, any medium, Florida, february?


logan johnson on wed 22 dec 04

Hi Kelly,

Logan Johnson here & boy do I have a few suggestions for you when you get to Florida!
First, there's St. Petersburg Clay Company, you can check them out online. Then there's the florida artist registry A wonderfull guy on clayart : William"Andy" Sheppard wanted to take my hubby & I there when we visited him & his lovely wife mary anne a couple of weeks (or so) ago but we ran out of time.
Also, All of the waterfront area is just jam-packed with more galleries & cute little shops,antique stores than anyone could see in a weeks time. The whole area is an artists dream. There is also an art museum to visit but I can't remember the name off hand I'll look it up online if you like & send you the name. Everything I saw while driving aroung the town from the historic buildings to the revitalization going on had me wanting to live there so much that I'm going to apply for the artist in residence program at the St. Pete. Clay Co. WHAT A PLACE!!!

I live in Port St. Lucie Fl. My roommates are moving out at the first of the year & my hubby will be working in Washington St. By then so if you would like to come over to this side of the state & Don't mind a VERY friendly dog & cat you & your hubby are more than welcome to stay here. I have a 3 bedroom house all to myself & would love the company. Besides it sure would save you a chunk of cash since you don't have to get a hotel! That way you guys have more to spend on FUN FUN FUN!!!!!!! That is IF you could get a motel then. It's supposed to be the height of "The Season" here. I couldn't tell you for sure since this is my first year hear but that's what I'm told. We have the cutest little historic dist. in near by Stuart.

My address is: 2561 S.W. Grotto Circle Port Saint Lucie Fl. if you want to look online to see where I'm located from your parents house. I'm about 3-ish hrs. directly across the state from St. Pete. My phone # Is (772) 873-0679 If you want to talk more.

P.S. I don't know of any workshops going on but my studio is on my back porch & we can always play in the clay or you can make souviners there! I can always ship them to you when you get home.

Hope your thumb feels better!


Logan Johnson Audeo Studios
"Carpe Argillam!!"