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ash glaze/ koie cooker/ day 18

updated tue 28 dec 04


Gary Navarre on mon 27 dec 04

Blessings Crew,
I am deeply saddened at the sudden loss of so many souls through natural
disaster and the madness of war during what should be a joyous season.
My heart goes out to those who lost loved ones as a result. The one we
can do nothing about, the other we have a responsibility to avoid. There
can not be world peace unless we find inner peace. I chose to create
rather than destroy.
The Koie cooker has mellowed into about a 7 hour refilling cycle. I did
some re-stacking of the top bricks to tapper in the exit hole. Briefly,
the bricks are stacked on end 2 high to create about 1" sq. opening.
I've added some new pictures to the Koie cooker album starting with #14
or so and am continuing to shoot shots this night with the full moon and
flash. I believe the tapper gives a better draft while providing enough
back pressure to slow the burning. There must be 20 some inches of ash
in the bottom of the chamber.
Since I had to wait for the Balsam to cook down I made a new album: for those interested in one
aspect of gathering and fully utilizing non-timber forest products.
Also I found my midlife artist statement packed in a box and put it in
the journal. That's my story and I'm continuing to develop it.
Waha, I see no smoke from the cooker, time to refill and get some rest
for this old fart. Stay in there!

G in Da UP
Navarre Pottery
Norway, Michigan, USA

"I was never one for going in them 2 drink minimum strip clubs, their
minimum was too low." G.