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updated sat 11 dec 04


GaryNavarre on fri 10 dec 04

Season Greetings Folks,
Well it's time to clean out the wreathing form the throwing room, I've =
had enough for this season. Didn't get rich like I thought I could, =
h..., I didn't even make next month's rent. Gald I don't have to worry =
about beer money. I was all trippin and bummed out too, untill Rick and =
I want to the parts store and the son of the guy who started it said of =
his fathers new race car building project "He's not afraid to try =
something new." Then I read the quote by Beverly Sills about real =
failure is not trying at all. And "This too shall pass." started =
repeating in my minds eye. Can't imagine where that came from. I feel =
better now. Not a total loss, next year could be better. I've added a =
potential pottery customer to my list with a local greenhouse, 3 miles =
from the studio. Sold greens past Thanksgiving, settled on a wreath =
design with accents of White Pine and cones, and have a good pile of =
Balsma twigs/leaf for the Koie cooker. I'd be burning it right now but =
it rained again the last few days. And I shipped my first package, a =
wreath for my Mom in Dearborn. I'm gonna have to do some homework on =
shipping now. Seems there is a bridge fee with UPS and nothing leaves =
the warehouse on the weekends.
Now that I'm getting this computer thing I searched Michigan's =
geologic survay data and found out the bedrock here is a sliver of =
Cambiran running slightly East of North to West of South sandwiched =
between Lower Petrozoic on the West and Ordovician on the East. Then =
the other day a my buddy Steve Smith, gave me a sight to look up, = . I don't recall this in any posts so, if you want to =
know what minerals grew in your back yard or nearby, there ya go. I =
searched Kaolinite in the UP and found some mentioned in mines in the =
Kewanaw. Searched Porcaline Clay and found the area in China where my =
kiln design originated, it's just the Peoples Republic changed the name =
a couple of times. Really cool how they grind the stone and make the =
clay.Then Steve Harrison finds the stone down under and Lee mentioned =
the iron barring kaolin from Minnisota. I think I might find something =
worth putting into a body for high firing. If Fred is reading this, that =
might be a kaolin material you found on the beech up here. I suspect if =
it's light color it probably is kaolin. Stick it in the kiln and test =
Also found a picture of Gawaine Dart, one of my early teachers, I took =
on my road trip when he clayed foreward to me some raw materials and =
kiln shelves: . =
Pretty heavy back lighting, but like he said "Back lighting can be =
Enjoy the day, try not to squabble too much, like Mom would say "Be =
nice, Sammy, be nice!" and stay in there!

G in Da UP =20
Navarre Pottery
Norway, Michigan, USA

NEWS FLASH! - Munising Michigan's worst air disaster occured when a =
small two-seater Cessna 150 plane, piloted by two Northern Michigan =
University students, crashed into a cemetery earlier today in Munising. =
Munising search and rescue workers have recovered 300 bodys so far and =
expect the number to climb as digging continues into the evening. The =
pilot and copilot survived and are helping in the recovery efforts.