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tony's video/critique

updated fri 10 dec 04


mel jacobson on thu 9 dec 04

man oh man, this is hard.

when you do your next video will
you please get some dull spray/ and then
spray it on your uplifting forehead.
those hot spots on your head keep me from
seeing the pot being made.

also, use some makeup. get that gray color
tuned up a bit.
i would say a gentle `mary kay` pink would be nice.

content of the video is wonderful, the look of the potter needs work.
and for sure, no extra scotch. can't figure out why the
forehead seems to be getting bigger as you do the video.
hmmm, one hour, and it seems to be growing.
oh well, can't have everything.
i am going to get the dust off my digital video camera.
do a video on assembling big pots.
i am going to call it `taking the macho, big boy stuff out of throwing`.
rings a bell.

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