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making a video

updated thu 9 dec 04


clennell on tue 7 dec 04

I have a had couple of responses to exchange personal video clippings for a
copy of Taking The Macho Outta Bigware. Our one hour video represents 4- 12
hour days in the studio and a lifetime in front of a computer editing and
making it work. It is my step son Sean who runs the production company and
he said he watched me some much that he thought he started to sound like me.
Taking a video of a weekend workshop and watching all 16 hours of it is very
different from watching an edited professionally produced video.

I just received this comment from Tom and Betsey Wirt (yes, Wirts carbon
trap) studio potters in Minnesota.
"Seriously it was one of the best produced tapes I've seen...even the
outakes. Better than Hoppers. And Tony, you needn't have been nervous."
Thanks so much."

A guy watched me make a large jug the other week and turned to the little
honey and said "You could do that!"
i answered "It's all in how you hold your tonque." He looked stunned.
Glad i make it look so easy.

Tony and Sheila Clennell
Sour Cherry Pottery
4545 King Street
Beamsville, Ontario