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kiln question/metal question (paragon a-66)

updated thu 9 dec 04


Arnold Howard on wed 8 dec 04

Rhonda, congratulations on finding the Paragon A-66, especially one in mint
condition. If you don't have the manual, you can download it (in three
separate files) from this link:

Or you can order one from Paragon.

The A-66 uses a 4-way rotary switch and requires a 4-wire circuit. The
neutral must be separate from the grounding (green) wire. The manual
describes electrical installation.


Arnold Howard
Paragon Industries, L.P., Mesquite, Texas USA /

From: "Rhonda Kale"
> She lived in the same town where I went to college. I called her and asked
> about the kiln. She told me that it was in good condition and it had been
> sitting out there gathering dust. I asked her the (drumroll) 'how much'
> question-SIXTY DOLLARS!!!!! She said she just wanted the space in her
> storage room and she was glad that it was going to someone who really
> needed it. It is a Paragon
> A-66,plug in test kiln, in absolutely amazing wonderful condition-works
> great and fires to 2300. She relly took cre of this kiln. It is big enough
> to do tiles/mosiacs/small pieces-she said it held 6-7 plates-a couple big
> bowls/ a lot of mugs if she needed it-for what I need now in this time of
> my life this is great and then I can go and buy bigger kiln when I know
> more of what I want (and still have test kiln!). Not only did I get a good
> kiln but I met one of the most fasicnating people- she is an 84 yr. old
> person who has traveled a lot, lived in Japan for a number of years, and
> is a very talented artist. I think that was as much fun/find as getting
> the kiln. It's meeting all of these really great people that pop up along
> the way. My question is have any of you ever had one of these models, what
> are their idyosycrosies/problems/things to watch out for. I am soooo
> excited to finally be able to just DO and not have to beg/grovel/scrap for
> a place to fire.Know it sounds silly-go out a
> nd just sit and look at it....