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kiln question/metal question

updated thu 9 dec 04


Rhonda Kale on wed 8 dec 04

Sometimes it seems like you have days, then there are times you feel like you have week, then sometimes you have months of
"stuff happens" going on. Then sometimes something happens out of the blue that is a nice little bit of serendipity!
I was without kiln now that am out of college (walk for sheepskin on Friday-yaaay!) and it sort of puts a cramp in what you can produce. Had gone to a meeting in neighboring county for a banquet with hubby-met some folks there and we all got into discussion about hobbies/careers/ things we are into. I had been asked to do 'favors/gift' for a Presidents' luncheon in March and made the joke I was praying for a kiln. Got this call out of the blue-one of the ladies at the luncheon also works as a volunteer for Hospice. Evidently a group of them were working one morning and the subject of hobbies came up and one of the ladies made the comment that she used to do ceramics/china painting and she didn't do it anymore. She said she had this kiln sitting in her storage room that she didn't know what to do with and that she needed to find a home for. Well, Janet's (the lady from my luncheon) arm shot up and said I KNOW SOMEONE! Well, I find this message on my answering machine with the lad
ies number.
She lived in the same town where I went to college. I called her and asked about the kiln. She told me that it was in good condition and it had been sitting out there gathering dust. I asked her the (drumroll) 'how much' question-SIXTY DOLLARS!!!!! She said she just wanted the space in her storage room and she was glad that it was going to someone who really needed it. It is a Paragon
A-66,plug in test kiln, in absolutely amazing wonderful condition-works great and fires to 2300. She relly took cre of this kiln. It is big enough to do tiles/mosiacs/small pieces-she said it held 6-7 plates-a couple big bowls/ a lot of mugs if she needed it-for what I need now in this time of my life this is great and then I can go and buy bigger kiln when I know more of what I want (and still have test kiln!). Not only did I get a good kiln but I met one of the most fasicnating people- she is an 84 yr. old person who has traveled a lot, lived in Japan for a number of years, and is a very talented artist. I think that was as much fun/find as getting the kiln. It's meeting all of these really great people that pop up along the way. My question is have any of you ever had one of these models, what are their idyosycrosies/problems/things to watch out for. I am soooo excited to finally be able to just DO and not have to beg/grovel/scrap for a place to fire.Know it sounds silly-go out a
nd just sit and look at it....
Metal issue-I am not sure what was being asked but I am curious about adding metal to peices. I remember vaguely an article I think in Potterymaking Illustrated(?) about nails/wire. Can someone answer this question-what kinds of nails/wire are workable?
Temps that work? What NOT to do? Have some ideas now that are itching....

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