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recommended firing cycle, cone 6 elec.

updated wed 8 dec 04


Dori Grandstrand on tue 7 dec 04

Holiday Greetings Everyone!
Can anyone recommend a glaze firing cycle for Cone 6 electric? I have a manual Skutt kiln and have been ramping up each cycle (Low, Med, High) at 2 1/2 hours each. Is this long enough? I have had problems in the past with some glazes not coming out well, and thought it might have to do with either my firing cycle length, soaking at peak temperature, or cooling the kiln more slowly. In order to cool the kiln more slowly, should all the bung holes be blocked (closed), and at what stage of the firing?
I am currently firing a load with some new test glazes, so I will post my results in a few days, when I can break into my kiln!
--- Dori Grandstrand, Sultanarts