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more on saggar/iberian history

updated mon 6 dec 04


Marcia Selsor on sun 5 dec 04

On Dec 4, 2004, at 4:50 PM, Ivor and Olive Lewis wrote:

> Just two points.
> 1 Is it historically true that the Moors who produced Moorish Lustre
> Ware inhabited the Southern Iberian Peninsula during the 11th to 14th
> Centuries.
The Moors inhabited the Iberian Peninsula from 711 until 1609. Their
last great defeat was in Granada in 1492 when Isabel and Ferdinand
conquered it while Columbus was sailing West! They (Moors) weren't
forced to leave until the Inquisition was in full force in 1609. I have
visited archaeological sites in Denia where there were luster kilns
being unearthed as well as Roman kilns.
> 2 Is it also true that, after the Armada Fiasco, Spanish ships were
> blown off course by the gale and circumnavigated the British Isles
> where some of them landed and settled the western coasts of England?
This is also true. King Phillip's (Felipe II) Armada. He is the one who
built El Escorial.
Marcia Selsor
(closet medievalist on Spanish History)
> Never was any good at this history thing but someone must have the
> facts.
> Best regards,
> Ivor Lewis.
> Redhill,
> S. Australia.