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surfing with helen bates - mostly japanese - thursday, dec. 02, 2004

updated fri 3 dec 04


Helen Bates on thu 2 dec 04

Surfing with Helen Bates - Mostly Japanese - Thursday, Dec. 02, 2004

Introductory note: I use Babelfish by Altavista for translation much
of the time, but sometimes it can't do the job. Another way to get
translations, as well as machines can do them, is to go to the
Langeberg multi-use site. It has a bunch of links to online
translation utilities for text (the first few) to entire sites (the
bottom few.) In between, there are a couple of sites that will analyse
the language you copy into the box provided and say, with a fair degree
of accuracy, what original language you are dealing with. Here's the
url: (They have connections to a lot
of other utilities too.)

Museum of Oriental Ceramics, Osaka (There is a link to the English version here.)
The most useful sub-directory is probably:
Here you will find Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Vietnamese ceramics
from various historical periods.

Japanese Contemporary Crafts (Lithuanian Art Museum) (Vilnius,
There are 6 "Halls" of this archived virtual exhibition from 2001.
Each Hall is thematic, with half a dozen medium to small non-zoomable
images of Japanese crafts, about half of it ceramic.

Craft as Art (Japanese site)
< >
Click on the link for "Craft is Art". The site is mostly in the
Japanese language, but artists' names in Western (roman) script. Here
is a url for translating the site into English, from World Lingo:
Tiny URL: < >

Fujiwara family Okayama, Japan
For online translation:
> (Click on the active Japanese character links. The new page will
have some text that will be translated into English.)
< >

The Kura - Japanese Art Treasures

You can browse the "treasures of the Kura", or bid on them... Enter the
site and select "Ceramics" from the Artisan and Design menu. The work
is modern to contemporary. Good enlargements and several views
available for each piece. The pieces are for sale, so what's online
will change over time. (English Language)

Royal Crown Derby ceramic paperweights, figures and miniatures

It's unusual to see quality ceramic paperweights. Listings are via
"rise up" sub-menus from listings across the top, plus left side of the
page menu selections under the name of the artist modeller, or artist
decorator, alphabetical listing for animal figures or various series.
It's really quite interesting to compare painter's styles on one
particular figure. I found this site originally when searching for the
Japanese ceramic artist "Imaemon Imaizumi XIII"!)

OK, 'nuff fer tuhdayee...


Helen Bates

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