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craft fair rant / annual event

updated sat 4 dec 04


ccpottery@BELLSOUTH.NET on mon 29 nov 04

Yes, I went to a prestigious craft fair Friday night ....

... OK ... opening night ... cocktail reception party ...
lotsa shoppers sipping wine and moving
through the aisles ....

CLUE # 1 to crafters ... people who show up early
and PAY EXTRA to run in the door to be first in line
are probably thinking of spending money .... so .....

WHY are you yawning?
WHY are you talking to each other?
WHY are you eating smelly food in your booth?
WHY the stony, teed off face?
WHY the empty booth?
WHY are you yapping on your cell phone?
WHY the one word answers?
WHY are you checking your watch?

Could you all look more bored and uninvolved if you tried?

These activities were in the majority of booths ...
my head nearly exploded !!

Chris Campbell - in North Carolina - working a booth is a skill
that can be learned just like you learned to throw!! Aarrgghh!!
... and people tell me potters don't need business advice !!!!!!!

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Raleigh, NC 27615
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Janet Kaiser on fri 3 dec 04

Good for you, Chris!! I can certainly understand it doing your
head in, but it needs to be said every so often! And coming from
a true Professional is always best...

Not only does this apply to fairs and short term events either...
Co-Operatives should look at their personnel and staffing policy
too... Especially if it involves members doing their
weekly/monthly stint. Last time Eckhard and I visited a co-op
shop, we had to exit pretty quickly. The smell of stale sweat and
smelly cheese (or maybe socks? or rotten teeth?) combined with
and what is called a "flag" in German (alcoholic breath, this
time mixed with garlic), was overpowering. Yes, breathing through
our mouths so we could at least see what was on offer without
passing out may have been an option, but the solitary, grim and
intimidating potter/artist/relative? made it all too plainly
clear that intruders were not welcome when they were "in charge".
The finishing touch was a newspaper they demonstrably and noisily
put up to hide behind! LOL! This is in the run up to Christmas...
A time when pots should be flying off shelves!!!

In an article I wrote and since published in several association
newsletters here in the UK, I had the temerity to mention people
must be clean, odour-neutral, friendly and attentive if they
wanted to make a good impression on their "public". This can be
anything from a gallery curator to a client knocking at the
studio door. It was interesting to realise how many readers took
this "pointing out the obvious" so personally they were mortally
offended and wrote to tell me so!!

Had I just experienced that off-putting Co-op person and the
whole incident freshly in my mind, I would have been much more
candid and in retrospect, I am sorry that I wasn't!


Janet Kaiser

>WHY are you yawning?
>WHY are you talking to each other?
>WHY are you eating smelly food in your booth?
>WHY the stony, teed off face?
>WHY the empty booth?
>WHY are you yapping on your cell phone?
>WHY the one word answers?
>WHY are you checking your watch?
>Could you all look more bored and uninvolved if you tried?
>These activities were in the majority of booths ...
>my head nearly exploded !!
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