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updated thu 25 nov 04


Sarah House on wed 24 nov 04

It seems like everyone is feeling pretty negative toward their customers
on this go round of the discussion. Maybe it's because I've only been at
this game for 7 years, maybe it's because I live in Western North
Carolina where there is good appreciation and knowledge of craft, maybe
it's just my upbeat nature. I've only had a few of these comments that I
haven't been able to turn positive. Granted, the "this is a great
design, you should have it made in plastic and sell it in stores"
comment just left me speechless. Most of the questions or comments I can
twist a little and make some kind of educational statement. "what is
this stuff made of?" -"it's all made of clay, sort of like you would dig
out of your backyard, but with a little more work put in" "Did you have
to bake this" "Yes, i have a kiln that fires them up to 2400 degrees"
The ones that just felt they had to say something take off after that
and the ones that were really interested and just didn't know what to
say hang around and keep talking.

As for discounts, I most often get the question after a person has
chosen what they want to buy, my response is always "No, everything left
at the end of the show goes to the next show next week" or " a
gallery Monday" They were just asking. And since yardsales and flea
markets are a major form of entertainment many people are used to asking
and used to being turned down.

I kind of make it a game to turn the comments into customers. And to
drive off those who are too negative to be around anyway.

Several years ago I did a really bad show, 4 days, way into the night
each day. I bet many people didn't make over $500. The guy in the booth
beside us would wonder over every hour or so and say something really
negative, or even nasty. We got tired of him in the first half day, so
everytime he would appear to ask how we were doing my mom and I would
paste on these huge smiles and tell him everything was great. he stopped
coming over by the end of the day.

Sarah House

In Little Switzerland, NC
soon to be
In Burnsville, NC